Apparently I don’t know how old I am!

Ok, so today I’m working on my April newsletter (link to the right). Because of my bday Saturday, I offered my yearly special of certain items discounted to the percent equal to my age.

So I send my newsletter out mentioning the items and offering a 38% discount in honor of my 38th bday. Nice of me huh?

Except I’m not going to be 38! I’m going to be 37! Are you kidding me? How do I make myself a year older? AND not realize it till 3 hours later? Seriously?

uggh. oh well!

I didn’t get projects done today, but I’m going to work tonight on what projects I want to work on when I go to Tahoe later this month so I can order the pictures I need.

I did however take a couple pics of part of my craft corner, and of one of our furry kids that loves my scrapbooking chair, and as you can tell by the look on his face, he was thinking I was going to make him move, and he wasn’t happy about it!

So that was my Monday!

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