well I’m 37 today! woo hoo! lol. had an ok week. some disappointing things happened at my full time job but oh well, i’ll get over it!
last night we took patsy out for her 40th and beth, val, eric, dave, tom, will and beth were all able to join us for at least part of the night. we had a good time!
i worked on 2 projects this week. The small box is my second altered project (my first being a paint can last year) but i made this box b/c I never bought anything to put my grandma’s ashes in. morbid i know, but I decided to make something myself instead of buying something. not sure if i’m going to add anything more to it or not.
the other was Patsy’s birthday gift! We’ve been friends for almost 19 years! unfortunately many of the pictures of us i couldnt use b/c one of us (or both) were a little uh, “intoxicated” at the time! haha! but i found some i could use.
Happy Easter everyone!

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