Quarter Auction Information

Happy Easter Everyone!

Attached is information about our May Quarter Auction!!

Nikki’s Close to My Heart Business
Quarter Auction Information and RSVP Deadline

Dear Nicole,

RSVP’s for the May Quarter Auction need to be in to me by Thursday morning. See below.


Nikki DeWitt

Quarter Auction

I apologize if you get this more than once. I belong to the Cincinnati Chapter of the Direct Selling Network and the first Thursday of every month we have a quarter auction. May is a huge month and you must RSVP to me, but I know some of you like both my stuff and stuff from other vendors so I wanted to get this all to you.
I need anyone interested to RSVP to me by Thursday morning, I have to turn my count in on Thursday night at our meeting. You dont want to miss this opportunity, lots of great stuff and you only have to bid with quarters! You could pay 25 cents and get an item retailing $15-$25! Plus in May we have extra surprises as well, I hope you will consider coming!
Please remember to RSVP. THANKS!
Here is the information:


Our May Quarter Auction is to be filled with goodies, prizes, raffles, money and so much more!!

Bidding items are showcased from the following companies (on a rotating basis): Avon, Discovery Toys, Tupperware, Wildtree, Longaberger, Passion Parties, Silpada Designs, Mary Kay, Stampin’ Up, Arbonne, Pampered Chef, Southern Living at Home, Thirty One Gifts, Close to My Heart, and more….

What is a Multi-Vendor Quarter Auction©?
It is a copyrighted event created by the National Direct Sales Network for their network chapters. It is a charitable event that we use to raise funds for our favorite charity, the Child Wellness Community Fund (you can learn more about what they do at http://www.childwellnessfair.com .) Our vendors donate products to the charity for the silent raffle, and the CWF representatives often have items in the auction line up as well. This is not a money making event of any kind for our vendors. It is an event to help raise funds for our charity, move excess product we have, and meet new and potential customers for our businesses!

How do I play? How do I win?
Bring a bag or rolls of quarters (for reference, an average of $35 or so will allow you to bid on everything, if you wanted to.) One by one, items are held up for guests to bid on. You bid on items for only 1,2,3 or 4 quarters based on the retail value of the item! Once everyone bids, and you can win items for only a quarter or two when your paddle # is called!! This excitement is AMAZING! You can even win multiple times!!! Last month, one of the guests one 4 times!!! You never know what will happen!!


1. $1.00 admission at the door ($1 is per paddle)
2. Bring a little extra $ for the Kids in Kenya raffle.
3. Bring friends & win a chance to be QUEEN OF THE NIGHT & bid the entire night (in June) for FREE! One chance per new guest you bring!

Come support the ODSN© and our monthly charitable fundraiser for the Child Wellness Community Fund!

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  1. petriehouse says:

    Hey Nikki!! Are you still hosting quater auctions? I'm a Director with Thirty-One Gifts and I would love to join in on a Quarter Auction!
    Please email me at Petriehouse@aol.com or fb me at Julia Wallingford Petrie


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