BAck from tahoe!!


Well I’m back from Tahoe and had a great time!  Arrived Thursday morning and Guinevere picked me up from the airport and we were off to Tahoe after lunch! I made lots of new friends this weekend!  My team is great!  It snowed while I was up there!  (and it was in the 80s and beautiful here at home!) I worked on Teresa’s wedding album, some of our family/Kayley’s album and started another album that’s a gift.  I didn’t hit a block until about 11 PM Saturday night!  Sunday morning Guinevere and I left and she dropped me back off at the airport. My flights home were bumpy!  I had a connection in Salt Lake City and the weather was bad across the plains so they had to fly us up through Wisconsin and then back down to Ohio.  We were hardly allowed to get up because the flight was so bumpy!  3 hours and 40 minutes of having to stay in my seat!  I’m glad I didn’t have to go to the bathroom!


I learned a lot in Tahoe, and also realized what a disadvantage I am at with not being close to my team.  They are able to bounce ideas off of each other and come up with some great things!! The things they are able to put together just amazed me!  I also saw how different I need to prepare for workshops to run my business, etc.  So it was helpful in that regard.


Hopefully I can attend every spring!  They do one in the fall, but my Phi Sig reunion is in the fall so I will have to pass in the fall!


Getting ready for the week, today was rough, but Kayley was great today so that helped! 

Tahoe 027 Tahoe 013 Tahoe 079 Tahoe 006

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