Getting ready for the quarter auction!

from nikki's iphone 030 from nikki's iphone 029 Tonight I spent time getting items ready for the quarter auction tomorrow night!  attached is a picture of one of the items up for auction tomorrow!  I won a packet at the Tahoe from my director, from a workshop she did. 

Today didn’t start out that great, on the way to work the car in front of me hit a deer. It just clipped it but the deer flipped up in the air and then was flipping all around on the highway trying to get up.  It was so sad, I cried the whole way to work!  I keep seeing it in my head.  I hate it. 

Picked up eye drops today that I have to start to start taking tonight and then next week I have to start doing some more drops in preperation for my eye surgery.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes at the quarter auction! I hope my items are a hit!  from nikki's iphone 028

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