Thank you to our veterans!

A big thank you all veterans, past and present who fight  daily for my and my family’s freedoms and makes this a great country to live in!!

My mom and Randy were in town this weekend, we had a nice visit. Saturday at Nola’s, Sunday mom and randy took Kayley out to Randalls and Chris and I went and saw Angels and Demons.Really good movie!   Today we went out to breakfast and then we took mom back to the airport (randy flew in and out of dayton  b/c he had a credit on AirTran) Kayley gets so mad at my mom for leaving that she won’t ever tell her goodbye!  Mom is used to this by now so it doesnt hurt her feelings, but we thought since she’ll see my mom in 2 weeks when we go to disney she would be better, but no such luck!

The quarter auction is the first Thursday of June!  Let me know if you can come!

For some reason, my video slideshow of my June workshops didn’t post, so I’m posting again. The tinkering workshop is June 19th, the moon doggie workshop is the 21st.  Full details are on my website, under Calendar. 

Have a good week everyone! I have lots of things to make for the quarter auction, so I should have lots of posts this week!

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