Getting ready for the quarter auction and vacation!

I made a few projects for the quarter auction.  Disney themed of course! Using the last of the Giggles and Grins paper I had!  Hopefully they go over well. I made a 6X6 my creations fold out album and altered a small canvas for a picture and altered a pen.  I wanted to make an autograph book but I’m not sure I have enough paper left so I’ll have to try that tomorrow!

We leave for Disney on Sunday night!  Can’t wait even though it will be crowded being the summer time.  Mom is picking Kayley and I up from the Orlando airport Sunday night and hanging out with us most of the day on Monday.   Chris leaves Monday afternoon with the band taking the bus down.

We have so much to get done before we leave! So here’s hoping we get everything done! 

Have a good week!  from nikki's iphone 027 from nikki's iphone 026 from nikki's iphone 028

from nikki's iphone 029 from nikki's iphone 030

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