Its been a while!

I am so sorry its been a while everyone!  I’ve been so crazy!  I was the photographer for my best friends wedding right after Thanksgiving.  Then the following week a tragedy hit our group of friends when we found out about the death of a college friend of ours.  He died in his sleep.  That was very hard on a lot of us.  Prayers for his family would be appreciated!

The rest of the time I’ve been working on christmas cards and projects.  here are some pictures! 

21573_214319443842_100069488842_3116350_7852996_n 16466_202501963842_100069488842_3071381_6668397_n 16466_202503043842_100069488842_3071387_53803_n 16466_202511598842_100069488842_3071449_6376441_n 16466_205580363842_100069488842_3081279_6576406_n 16466_209783353842_100069488842_3094867_4217666_n 16466_209784493842_100069488842_3094869_217487_n 16466_209785783842_100069488842_3094871_2269164_n 21573_214316413842_100069488842_3116344_6355548_n

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