Want to scrapbook every month?

Scrapbook Club

You do so much for everyone else in your life – it’s time to fill YOUR cup! Reward yourself with a fun night out once a month — when you and your friends join a “Close to My Heart” scrapbook club!

Club Member Benefits

· Enjoy a guaranteed GIRLS NIGHT OUT every month to visit with your friends!

· Free class — Learn new techniques every month for free!

· Create 2 scrapbook layouts every month!

· See new samples and ideas every month. Bring your camera – you are welcome to take pictures.

· FREE idea book before other customers

· Each club member will have an opportunity to hostess and receive all the hostess gifts! Hostesses are welcome to gather outside orders to boost their amount of free gifts!

· When it’s your turn to hostess – go on a shopping spree in the catalog and pick out at least $25. in free products!

· Opportunities to receive free drawing gifts, incentives, special discounts and the Stamp of the Month.

· You are welcome to bring guests to club night. You receive a free stamp pad when your guest joins the club!

Club Guidelines

· Club members commit to making a min. $25. club purchase each month. Options include: a basic KIT OF THE MONTH ($29.95), or the level 2 paper pack for the workshop ($9.95) + other items to equal $25. I will have a shopping list each month for next months’ project for your convenience. If we get more members, the minimum amount will go down per person.

· Ideally, each club will include 10 club members. You are making this monthly commitment to the other club members for 10 months. This ensures that each club member will have a turn to hostess and receive free hostess gifts. Any club member unable to fulfill the 10 month commitment will be responsible for finding another club member to fill their space. (if we get to 10 club members the minimum will be $15 per person)

· If you’re having lots of fun like many of my original club members, you are welcome to participate in the club indefinitely. I’ll keep rotating you through the roster calendar, so you’ll keep receiving free hostess gifts!

· I love to share the joy of scrapbooking, so I encourage club members to bring guests to club parties. They often become new club members and also raise the party sales so the hostess receives more free gifts! Guests can do one of the layouts for $10. If they place an order of at least $15 the night of the club gathering, they will get their layout for free! Guests must RSVP the month before so supplies are ordered.

· In the spirit of our GIRLS NIGHT OUT atmosphere and in consideration of all the members who look forward to one quiet, kid-free zone a month to visit with their friends – please no children.

· Don’t worry, it’s OK to miss a club party date – we all have family and work obligations that sometimes fall on the same date. If you are unable to come to a club party, please contact me BEFORE the party to place your order or send your order and payment with another club member to the party. All club orders must be submitted by the night of the party. The hostess will be selecting her gifts based on the total sales that evening. To ensure the prompt delivery of orders, I will submit the order at the end of the party.

· If your order has not been received by the end of the club party, I will order the Kit of the Month at $29.95.

· If you fail to place a club order a second time, you will lose your turn as a hostess and may be asked to forfeit your club membership.

· $25. fee for returned checks. Payment for returned checks must be paid in full plus $25. fee by next club party or you may be asked to forfeit your club membership.

Hostess gifts are based on party sales – (see catalog for the current hostess rewards info):

$150-249 total party sales ® receive $25. in free product

$250-349 total party sales ® receive $40. in free product + one 50% off item

$350-449 total party sales ® receive $60. in free product + one 50% off item

$450-549 total party sales ® receive $80. in free product + two 50% off item

$550-649 total party sales ® receive $100. in free product + two 50% off items

$650-749 total party sales ® receive $120. in free product + three 50% off items

(see catalog for continuation of chart for higher party sales)

My Blog – www.nikkidscraftyblog.blogspot.com
View artwork samples including club layouts and workshop dates. You can also view videos and the idea book at my website www.nikkid.myctmh.com. You may also access Studio J through my website 24/7.

To join, contact:

Nikki DeWitt, Close to My Heart Independent Consultant

Supervisor of the Dreams Come True Team

513-324-6190 or nikkidscraftyemail@gmail.com

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