Crop Packing List

Many of my customers state they are overwhelmed about the idea of attending a crop- when we discuss it I find out that mostly this is because they don’t really know how to pack for it.  Many people just grab random paper, photos etc into a bin. Also many of my customers try to pack everything they think they *might* need.  
A little preparation before hand could make attending a crop much less stressful and fun!  
If you are attending with friends-discuss before hand what bigger supplies you would all like to have access too-and split them up so everyone brings one thing.  
I have copied the list below with items I choose to use-there is room to write you own items for anything extra you might need/want.  This is just a suggestion list, based on what I do before a crop. I hope this helps you out!  Leave a comment with items you take to crops that I left off! 
If you have any questions about any of the items on the list-just let me know!  You should be able to download the Crop Packing List with the link below! 

Crop Packing Checklist

Remember, it is important to bring specific projects to a crop- not to pack everything you own and hope you get stuff done-plan it out!  I always bring an extra project pack or two, although I find with socializing I end up not doing as much as I plan.  J
Your items you pack may also vary depending on the length of time of the crop.  The important thing is not get overwhelmed-crops are a time to join together with friends and other scrappers to get some work done but have fun while you do!

Page Kits ( items below in each kit)

   2 Cardstock for bases-typically same color
   1-2 pieces of coordinating color cardstock (can be different colors)
   2-3 coordinating patterned paper
   Project Specific pictures-not all your pictures
   Stamps you want to use on your page
   Coordinating embellishments you may want to use with the papers you choose
   If a Cricut is not going to be available, cut pieces out ahead of time and put in your pack
   I put my page kits in CTMH large 13X13 plastic bags- but the large size ziplock bags or the album protectors can be used-whatever works for you.


   Trimmer and extra blade
   Adhesive- I typically bring 3 refills with me and some liquid type glue as well
   Stamp pads if you have Stamps in your page kits
   If a Cricut will be available, a cartridge or two you may want to use
   Journaling pens
   Tweezers and Piercing tool
   Acrylix Blocks if using stamps
   Any punches or corner rounders you may want to use


   Baby Wipes, Hand Sanitizer
   Stamp Cleaner and Pad
   Band Aids
   Bottled Water/Snacks
   Gift Bag for scraps/trash
   A pillow if you need one to sit on

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