making a fabric flower

Have you seen our new Base and Bling Jewelry line? There are lots of ways to make the fabric flowers (with fabric that matches our paper lines!) but below I have done a tutorial on making a fabric flower out of 4 circles. 

I started with the following items: The clip base, our Chantilly textiles, Base and Bling adhesive dots and strips, Base and Bling pink jewels.

For this project, I started with 3 sizes of circles: 3 inch (pink), 2 inch (yellow) and one inch (green). 4 circles of each.  I have tried multiple different ways to cut the circles.  Some suggested Wonder Under from the fabric store and then cut with the cricut.  That did not work for me.  I ended up having to cut a square a little larger than the size circle I wanted and then hand cut the circle. 


Starting with the pink circles, I took one, folded in half and used the double sided adhesive strips. 

DSC_0762 DSC_0763

Then, another piece of adhesive strip and fold in half again

DSC_0765 DSC_0766

I repeated these steps with the remaining three circles. I ended up with 4 “petals” which when placed together makes a circle.


I repeated this process with the yellow and green circles.



I then ended up with my base, and the 3 flowers.  I placed an adhesive dot on the clip base (the part that is pink, in this picture I have not taken off the covering over the adhesive)



I then placed the pieces of the pink flower on the base.  I lined up the 4 corners so they would meet in the middle.





Here is the back.   I then trimmed the petals so no petals were longer than the rest.



I repeated the process with the yellow and green petals onto an adhesive dot.  I was then able to trim those as well before layering on the clip on top of the pink flower



After putting the green flower on, I used some Base and Bling to add to it. 




Here is the finished clip


Over the weekend I will do a video tutorial for a different type of fabric flower and making a headband. Come back this weekend!  If you try this out, please post a comment and let me know how it went!

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