What do you do with a few scraps? Don’t throw them away just yet!

After finishing some gifts for some orders and a couple of layouts, I had just a few scraps of our retired Balloon Ride paper left. I thought ” I wonder if I can do something with these”
Here is what I started with

SOO, I got out some card bases and some old embellishments I had.  Here is what I ended up making:

And what was left over, just the zip strips and one small piece of B&T paper

SO, before you throw out those scraps- try and make a simple card with them.  On the flip side- don’t save every tiny piece of scraps and never use them.  I will probably throw these out or give them to a customer that might have some of this paper left. The zip strip sayings don’t really work for anything I made layouts for.

What do you make with your scraps?  I’m having a scrap challenge over on my facebook page.  Post projects made with your scraps for a chance to win some free product from me!  If you haven’t already “liked” my page, please go here!  Nikki’s Crafty Facebook Page

Contest will run now through Oct 31st!!!

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