my "WHY’

Happy March!  I hope spring is around the corner!  I am certainly tired of snow and cold!

I don’t think I have ever really talked about my “WHY” I scrapbook.  I have been thinking about that lately- and even held a give away on my Facebook page asking for their “Why’s”.

Many of us have the same why’s.  To preserve our memories, to give our children something special from their childhood, “cheaper than therapy” was given by a few people.  🙂  What is great about scrapbooking is no right or wrong way to scrapbook- and there are no “right or “wrong” reasons to scrapbook either!

I started scrapbooking after I got married.  My first project was a full album of Biltmore House in NC where my husband and I spent our first anniversary.  A complete full album!  The following year we took a 2 week trip to Alaska.  And after 2 full albums from that trip I scrapbooked a little bit more.  Then came along my daughter and I had even another reason to scrapbook- and in May of 2005 I found Close to My Heart.  That definitely spurred more scrapbooking!  I felt like I found a place for me! Scrapbooking had become my stress reliever-and provided me a creative outlet.

Then in March and May 2006 my grandmothers died a few months apart.  For both funerals, I was asked to put together the boards with the pictures on it.  While going through all the old pictures, I realized I missed out on so much.  There were so many memories in those boxes and I had no idea what some of them were from!  Some of the pictures had notes on the back of them-but not all of them.  I was so sad that I never thought to ask my grandmothers to look at old pictures-the thought never even occurred to me that they would have any from their childhood.  That made me realize I want to make sure my grandchildren and great grandchildren (provided I have any!) know our family’s stories. 

If you don’t scrapbook- still get those pictures out of the shoe boxes.  Get them into albums- note at least who and what the pictures are of- so future generations can enjoy them and share in their family memories. 

If you would like help with organizing your pictures and getting them into albums, please let me help you! 

Below are pictures o 3 of my 4 grandmas (2 biological and 2 step).  These are some of the pictures that made my passion for scrapbooking grow into what it is today. 

Have a great week everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading about my “why”- please feel free to comment below on your own why! If you are not on my Facebook page, please “like” it- I will be doing another giveaway this week!


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