12 Scrapbooking Themes (that are not "Event" Themes)

It seems to often we get in a rut of scrap-booking every event with multiple layouts/pictures for each event.  There is nothing wrong with scrap-booking all your events-but if you haven’t already, try scrap-booking “non-events”. What are “non-events” you ask?

Here is a list to get you started. These are just some of my suggestions to get you started! I invite you to work on these types of layouts and feel free to post on my Facebook business page to be entered into a drawing !  Also feel free to leave a comment with what you scrap-book!

1. Friends.  Friends are an important part of our lives.  Scrapbook about them with special details of your friendship.  While this isn’t a layout, I made this little mini album for one of my best friends for one of her milestone birthdays.

2. Scrapbook about yourself.  Your hobbies, your job, things you love in your life.

3. Your pets.  We all love our pets-they should be included in your scrapbooks!
4.  Your kids/nieces or nephews favorite expressions or special things about them- favorite toy, fashion sense, etc.

5.  Favorite items. Do you have a china set inherited down? Do you have a favorite book or music instrument? I scrapbooked the Harry Potter Series of books- they are a favorite in our home!
6.  Nature.  There are lots of options in Nature- in every season! Flowers, snow, animals, waves, fall leaves-the possiblities are endless! 
7. Family.  Do you have pictures from previous generations? Or pictures of multiple generations together?  These types of layouts are very special!  Try and note who it all in the picture whenever possible.  This is a layout I did of my mom at different ages.

8.  Love- If you have a special person in your life, or want to make a nice gift for another couple, scrapbooking the story of the love is wonderful. 
9. Your home, garden, etc.  We took pictures of a basement remodel. We took before and after pics, and I will (someday!) get it scrapped!
10. Food.  A big meal? One you worked on hard on? Show it off!  I scrap-booked how I made my son’s baby food.

 11.  Your church/faith: This is one type of scrap-booking I really would like to work on. I belong to a great church with wonderful people. While I have scrap-booked some events from church, I really should find a way to scrapbook about my faith.  Will be researching that soon! How do you scrapbook your faith?
12.  Hometown Favorites:  What do you love about your current city, or your hometown? Get some pictures and scrap it.  I scrap-booked some of our hometown favorite foods. 

So just a few ideas to get you thinking!  What non-event scrap-booking do you do? Remember to post your layouts on my Facebook page (on the right) before April 30th and be entered to win a paper pack of your choice!

Happy scrapping!

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