Workshop option-Sept

I have a workshop option for the rest of Sept.    A flip flap workshop- to get more pictures on your layouts! 

A video of the layouts can be found here: Flip Flap video

You will order some of the items yourself- a few I will ship to you after you place your order. Details are below.  

Items needed for Flip Flap Workshop:
1.       1. One My Reflections Paper Pack $9.95:  You can see the options online here:
      2.  6-7 extra pieces of cardstock to match your kit.  You can use your own, or our combo kits are here $14.95 for 24 sheets or 9.50 for either White Daisy or Colonial White. Both can be split between 2 people for the workshop:
3      3.  One pack of Memory Protector Flip Flaps 12” assortment: (this can be split between 2 people for the workshop) $4.95 :
4   4.   Optional: You can choose to purchase the full top load protectors (or side load if you use those) or pay the workshop fee and I will send 5 to you.  There are $9.95 for 10-and can be split between 2 people
5.      5.  Optional: The assortment or Compliments that match your pack.  Both are $5.95
You will order from the my website at  Join the gathering titled “Nikki’s Flip Flap Workshop”.  Once I get the email from your order, I will send you the instructions- including links to videos not shown publically until October, cutting diagrams, Picture my life page protector and 2 cards, 5 12X12 memory protectors (if you did not purchase them above) and 2 4X6 flip flaps (these are free)
Cost for workshop with 12X12 memory protectors:  $12
Cost for workshop without the 12X12 protectors: $7
Add on of personalized titles cut from Cricut: $5.00
Place your order on my site and I will contact you via email. 
** Layouts will be base layouts so you can use for what you need** 
I used Urban for my layouts.  

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