Scrapbooking Club Details

Monthly Scrap-booking Club Information 2017
You do not have to commit to the club monthly, but I need 4 people signed up in order to hold it that month.  If I don’t  hold it in person one month ( Ex, if only 2 people sign up) those still interested can purchase the kit from me and I will send instructions.
2 Options:
Make a 2 page 12X12 scrapbook layout for $5
Purchase a Workshop Your Way kit for $26.95 (before s/h and tax) and make either 4 layouts or 3 layouts and 6 cards
For either option I will cut all the pieces for you
Each month we will focus on a new color, tool or technique, and each month I will do a small giveaway of some type of new or finished product.
I will also start a rewards program.  Every 3 months you participate, you will receive a free gift from me! Stamps, tools, embellishments and more!
Anyone purchasing the club kit the month of a new idea book or seasonal expressions launch will receive the free idea or seasonal expressions book!
** If you are not local to me or would like to participate but can’t that month you may still purchase the $5 kit or the Workshop your way kit.  If purchasing the Workshop Your Way kit you will purchase that directly from Nikki’s Website and I will email you the instructions.  If you want to purchase the $5 kit, I will mail the pieces to you, but you will need to supply your own base pages. Mailing 12X12 sheets of paper through the mail is costly, so to keep the kit at $5, base pages will not be included. I will include instructions for all layouts/cards. **
Both kits I will cut and supply any Cricut cuts I may use on the layouts.
You may choose on a month to month basis.  So if one month you want to do the Workshop your way kit, but the next month you just want to do the $5 layout- no problem!  You can choose whatever works for you each month.
I will do a club workshop the first week of the month, and the 3rd week of the month.  If you are interested in participating, please contact me so I can gauge what day of the week more people can attend. 
Here are February’s details (minus the dates- will post those soon)
 New product will be using is CTMH Shimmer brush.  You can see this item here Shimmer Brush
This is the $5 layout (the bottom picture shows what the patterned paper looks like on the back if you want to use that side.

These are the three layouts for the Workshop your Way Kit. 

Here is what comes in the Workshop your way kit. You can also see it online Here
Here are some close ups for each one where I used the shimmer brush.

Remember to contact me if interesting in joining club.  The first week or the third week of each month.  Email Nikki

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