Struggling to scrapbook non events?

I love scrapbooking as most of you know. My favorite photos to scrap are from our Disney trips. We are DVC members and we are blessed enough to go visit the world once or twice a year.
Next my favorite would be stuff for my kids. But many of them end up being events. Sporting events, school activities, holidays. Sometimes however I want to do something that isn’t an event of some type. Almost two years ago I posted this blog post with some ideas for non event scrap booking. Ideas for non event scrap booking. I pull this up periodically to get ideas for some layouts.

I came across this article being shared on Facebook and I thought it would be interesting to figure out how to scrapbook. The article is about helping you write your story (and is a good follow up for my blog post on journaling here: Journaling) but from a family history perspective. It got me thinking though. Could I do this and scrapbook it? 52 questions  is the article I found.  I think some of them will be challenging- but some will get me talking about family history with my parents.  So I am adding this to my personal challenges this year. I won’t get through them all this year, but I am going to attempt to do a couple of them a month.

Anyone with me? Anyone want to try it? Let’s see what awesome things we can come up with!


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