Organizing Digital Photos

Close to My Heart’s blog posted this blog entry last week about organizing digitial photos.  It has some great suggestions. I thought I would share how I organize my photos.

I will do this as a series to keep it short.

Some people organize by month/year.  I do not do this for everything.  I would then have to remember when I took a particular picture.  And if you know me, you know the chances of that are slim!  🙂

We have an external hard drive that we bought for like $99.  It holds all our picures, documents, digital copies of movies and all our music.  Its wireless and all our computers are linked to it over wireless internet.  Our Apple Iphone and Ipads have an app for it and we can access the device from anywhere.  Having the external drive will keep all this data if one of our laptops crash, etc.  I”m sure we probably need a back up for the back up, but right now this is what we use.  Its called My Cloud.  We have used this for multiple years and we are very happy with it. Here is a link to their website: My Cloud

On this drive, each family member has a folder to save documents etc in.  We also have a “public” folder which then has a folder labeled “Movies”, one labeled “Music” and one labeled “Photos”.

In the photos file, our main folders are:

CTMH ( this is for pictures of all my projects, and this is separated by year)

Family and Friends

Fun Times

Band and Guard

Holidays, Birthdays and Celebrations


Iphone pics (this is a temp folder I will explain at a later time)


Today I’ll review our Family and Friends Folder

In this folder, there are sub folders for my hubby, me, my kids, one for each pet (past and current), my niece, all our parents and grandparents,  and formal pics.

In mine and my husband’s folders, we have a “Growing up” folder with old pictures that have been scanned in.  Then the other folders are by year, but I do not have subfolders for month.

All other adult folders just have the one folder. Most are older pictures that were scanned in. In cases of those where the person is now deceased, there is a folder of pictures printed out for the memory boards for their funerals.

Our pets also just have the one folder with all the pictures in it for each pet.

For my kids, they have sub folders for each year.  There is a folder for each year before they hit school age so newborn- 1, 1-2 years, and so on.  (note, in these folders are just general pictures, no holiday or party type pictures).  Once my kids started school, the sub folders are by grade.  In those grade folders, there are sub folders for any sports they played that year, and also Scouts.

This works for the way my brain thinks. While I might not remember which grade something occured, I can usually narrow it down (or ask my kids and they know!) and then I can pull up what I need.

Check back for the next portion of the series and I’ll share a couple other folders and organization that works for me.

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