Remember my 20 page workshop? Here are some of the finished pages!

Well, I have used a few of my pages for my 20 page workshop.  Some customers have told me they have shied away from using the Enchantment Fundamentals paper pack because they didn’t have kids in sports or didn’t have kids still in school.  I was able to use this paper pack for sports layouts, but also many others.

I posted with my first layout the video in this blog, and for that layout I used pictures from Waffle Love, a waffle place in SLC.   Check it out if you missed it: Waffle Love Layout

I’ve done 2 Disney layouts with this kit, however I just realized I never took a picture of them, so I will have to get them out of the album and take a picture of them! They are from Club Villain, a special party my husband and I went to on an anniversary trip sans kids.

Then I have done the 2 sports layouts as well as a Girl Scout Camping layout.  That layout also includes 2 small pocket pages for other pictures as I had too many to put on the original layout.

I will take a picture of the Disney layouts soon, but below are the 2 sports and GS camping layout I did.  So I have 6-2 page layouts (12 pages).  If we do math, I have 4 double layouts left, 8 pages. 🙂  So check back soon!

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